In partnership with SolidWorks since 2000, we build interactive 3D CAD catalogs for manufacturers around the world. We produce excellent quality, low cost solutions to enable you to offer your products online as interactive 3D/2D CAD models. Engineers and Designers can quickly and efficiently “Design In” your products regardless of which CAD system they are using.

From a sales and marketing perspective, your products will see increased visibility in our worldwide engineering community which will translate into addition sales. By offering your products as configurable 3D Models, you will reduce your customers’ design costs while establishing a distinct sales advantage, essential for growing your business and outpacing the competition.


    1. Publish configurable 3D CAD models of your products and give direct access to 2,000,000 registered SolidWorks Engineers and over 1,120,000 Engineers / Designers registered on 3D ContentCentral web portal.

    2. From your website you can offer customized CAD file downloads instantly, reducing your customers costs

    3. Increase your sales by enabling your products to be easily design into your customers products

Please contact us at 519-489-2321 to discuss how we can work together to grow your business.